February 13, 2016 — Abortion

Mark 10:13-16

Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such be-longs the kingdom of God.

In the Christian church, we have long focused on the fact that children are a blessing from God. Kids are, in fact, good. And yet the disciples point us to a fact that we can some-times forget or diminish. Children can be annoying. They can be a bother. It’s not that the disciples here hate the idea of children in abstract but rather that they didn’t want Jesus to be bothered. Children can be loud, gross and messy. They were afraid that the kids would annoy Jesus.

Those who have had or are considering an abortion are often dealing with fear, and a fear that is true. A new child will bring many difficulties and hardships. Satan will drive such a fierce focus on these difficulties that people will be convinced that their only solution is abortion.

Over and against that, we can say and teach unequivocally that Jesus loves children. Even with the hardships, children are a blessing, and Jesus delights in them. This does not mean that being a parent suddenly becomes easy. Rather, we see parenting not through Satan’s lens of fear; instead, we know that God will use us to do good for our children and that He will give us strength to carry out this task. It’s not that the fears we have aren’t real, but rather that God’s love and blessing are even greater. God keep us always focused on His great love for us and to us!

Heavenly Father, though we are not just annoying but even sinful children, You give us life, forgive all sins– even murder– and teach us to love all Your children. Give us strength to comfort those who are fearful, and fill us with love to support and encourage all whom You have called to be parents. Amen.

Rev. Eric Brown
Trinity Lutheran Church, Herscher, IL