February 12, 2016 — Adoption

John 19:25-27

He said to His mother, “Woman, behold your son!”

Blood is thicker than water. It’s a physical fact, so most people believe it’s also true when it comes to biological families. I’ve heard many people say they could never love a child who wasn’t “their own.” In many cultures around the world, adoption is a taboo. Some women in those cultures will even “fake” a pregnancy to hide the fact that their new baby girl or boy doesn’t share their blood.

But in Christ God reversed the common wisdom. Even from the cross Jesus continued to teach that bloodlines don’t count in the heavenly realm. What counts is God’s call, His Word of promise. “Woman, behold, your son!” Young man, “behold your mother.” And just like that, a new family springs into existence.

We have been predestined for adoption into God’s family by the water of baptism. The blood we share with each other matters little compared to the blood of Christ that covers us. Jesus looks out at us and calls us by name: “Daughter, behold your mother and father.” “Old man, behold your sons and daughters.” We didn’t crawl into God’s womb to be born again; instead, God bathed us in water and the Word, pulling us out of Satan’s clutches and making us part of His eternal family.

The adoption of a child is one of the most profound pictures of how God has saved us in Christ. In adoption we declare in word that this child is now ours. In the same way, God speaks His Word, and we who were children of the Devil become children of God, and brothers and sisters of one another.

Loving Father, you welcomed us when we were not your own. Help us to open our homes to those who need a home of their own. Amen.

Rev. Charles St-Onge
Area Facilitator for the Latin American Region,
Montreal. Canada