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The members of the Lutheran Church of Our Savior(LCMS) invite you to join them in celebrating the love God has for all people, in Jesus Christ our Savior.

If you are a new resident in Winnebago and searching for a church home, our doors are open to you.  We hope you find our church to be a place of comfort and rest because of forgiveness in Jesus’ name.

If you are a long time resident of our community, we would like to meet you.  We also want to to share with you God’s love and the gift of His Son, Jesus, who lived, died and rose again.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the church or send us an e-mail .  We look forward to seeing you!  We are across the street from the Winnebago elementary school.

In our Risen Savior’s Name, Pastor Sabol.

Watch our latest church service below:

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Church Structure Meeting March 7th @ 7:30pm

Everyone is invited to attend our “Church Structure” meeting on Tuesday March 7th here at church at 7:30pm.

The Purpose:

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and come up with ideas on the structure of our Divine Worship Service. Should we keep everything the same? Should we think about less liturgy? Can everyone hear and partake in the service the best way possible? Should we experiment with more contemporary worship? Who is willing to volunteer to get these tasks done? Would it be better to use a screen and projector verses using the hymnals?

There are a lot of items that could be up for discussion and we looking for your ideas! We want this church to be inviting and a comfortable house of worship for existing members, new members, and members of our community. Please consider bringing your ideas to this meeting! If you cannot attend please contact Jeremiah with your ideas before the meeting: 507-525-3257 or jeremiah_schutt@yahoo.com


Recap of March 1st Voters Meeting

Recap Voters Meeting March 1, 2017

Meeting called to order by Chairman, Herb Pederson.  There were 40 members present.  Pastor Sabol presented the opening prayer.

Purpose of this meeting:

Ask congregation to give our council approval to set up a “line of credit” loan at the First Financial Bank in Winnebago not to exceed $10,000.  This loan is needed to cover cash contribution short falls.  This will enable our treasurer to pay our operating expenses in a timely manner and avoid “late fee” penalties and checking account overdraft charges.  The vote was 39 in favor and 1 “no”.

As part of our “Congregation Move Forward” planning we have established a Finance Committee to develop a plan that will enable us to continue our congregation presence in Winnebago.  Our first meeting will be Thursday, March 9 at 7pm at the church.  All members of the congregation are invited to be a part of his committee.  We need ideas on how to provide us with financial resources.  Any questions in regard to this matter please contact Del Tupper or me.

Meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Thank you for your support.

Herb Pederson, Council Chairman

Church Communication Meeting

The church communication committee invites everyone to attend our first meeting on Tuesday March 7th at 7pm in the church Library. We want to focus on ways to improve communication in our church, welcome members, and increase fellowship. If you cannot attend but would like to offer a suggestion please email Maggie Hassing: mhassing@live.com